This list contains information of changes or events in the server that is so 'permanent' and noticeable that it might be good for you to know. Whether your character knows it would depend on background and Knowledge: The Planes. The primary reason for this thread is to help you not make a character with a background that collides with server lore--it does not replace reading up on chant.

  • The Lady of Pain has not been seen for several years. Speculation is rampant where she is, since she hasn't shown up when people thinks she maybe should have. If that is ever predictable. No one dares say she is gone though.
  • There was a black slaad terrorizing the city for a long while. In the aftermath, a major invasion of other wards was launched from the Hive. As a result, quite a lot of people were killed, primarily indeps and sensates. The Harmonium and planeswalkers are generally credited for dealing with the issue.
  • There have been two large exoduses: One of a major portion of the indeps, and one of a large amount of Godsmen. The first in protest against Sigil developments, the other to seek other ways of self-fulfilment.
  • Through the work of influential godsmen, the Lower Ward has seen an influx of Mechamancy, which has primarily targeted making life easier for people by allowing non-mages to access certain ranges of spell benefits.

The Outlands
  • Several years ago there was a war between Rigus and Ironridge. In the aftermath, part of the outlands suffered a major upheaval, creating a cliff that makes travel difficult between the Joywards and Wastewards. This has increased the importance of specific mountain passes and other chokepoints (and seafaring).
  • A few years ago, Ironridge disappeared. Exactly what happened is unknown.
  • For a pair of years, Tanar'ri presence in the Outlands have increased, with bursts of activity having speculation of invasions going. Many Outlands villages have been eradicated, attacked, or pillaged.
  • The Rilmani have been mostly absent for a while.
  • The Plane Tenders have been seemingly gone for quite some time.
  • About a year ago, a plague spread over most of the Outlands, also killing a lot of inhabitants. It mostly did not reach into Gate Towns.
  • About two years ago, there was a war between an unusually powerful army of werewolves and, primarily, the Celts. The werewolf were finally beaten back, leaving the Celts invigorated, but this war also saw many casualties.
  • The Guardians have similarly been comparatively absent, but have been involved in many of the major events through a small group of representatives.
  • Sylvania has been under Planes Militant protection, ever since their leaders seem to have gone missing. This is supposedly to keep the town safe from Tanar'ri, but there is tension and rumours it is an attempt to turn the town lawful.

Planar setting
  • SPL uses the 2e cosmology over 3e primarily
  • However, as it comes to timeline, we are closer to 3.5
  • The major difference with 3.5 is that the faction war has not happened
  • The Shadow Plane is a transitive plane (as in 3E) rather than a demiplane as in 2E.
  • Krynn has not disappeared, and Eberron is an included setting that uses the Great Wheel cosmology.

Please remember, this list is not complete of all that has happened, and it does not replace chant posts. It is as a guide when thinking up characters to avoid collision between backgrounds and server lore.