1. First and foremost you need a complete, legal copy of Neverwinter Nights. If you don't already own it, you can get a copy of it on www.gog.com by going to this link.

Important notice: You will need a unique CD key. A unique CD key from GoG can be obtained by following this link.

2. Install Neverwinter Nights on your computer.

3. You need to download our hak packs and tlk. These can be found here.

4. Start Neverwinter Nights and go to Multiplayer. Create or use your already created GSID and log in. Go to public games and click the Direct Connect button. Enter sigil.planarlegends.com and connect. (An alternative, easier route to connect to the server can be found here.)

5. Before you create your first character it is strongly advised that you have read through the rules, the FAQ and generally having researched Planescape a fair bit to get at least a light grasp of the setting. We have provided a thorough Wiki to as easy as possible provide you with this information.

6. When you make your character, it is encouraged that you take a few things into account: A background so you know what your character has been up to in their life up to the point of creation. Why they are now finding themselves in the City of Doors. Ambitions and goals for the present and future. If they have or want any affiliation with the factions or sects of Sigil. The deities are very powerful in all role playing settings, and unless your character wants to belong with The Lost, it is strongly encouraged that they have a deity they favor and revere (or fear).

Want some inspiration, check out our character profiles. Might give you an impression of the characters on our server while providing some ideas or inspiration for your own.

7. Once you're connected to the server, you need to make your character. The server uses server vault only, which means the character is saved on the server. You will be able to access this character every time you log in with your GSID. Your character's appearance and description can be altered in game, even after creation. A list of available races and instructions on how to play them can be found here.

8. Got any questions? We pride ourselves on having an active staff that is always available, be that in game, through PMs on the forum, or on skype, where we have our own SPL Channel. For information on how to access it, go here.