If you're looking to join the regularly used Sigil: Planar Legends chat room you will need the Discord client. Rest assured you will not be expected to use voice chat, our Discord channel is all text based so any of you not keen on speaking to strangers can avoid that. If you're interested in joining us simply download the Discord client here and click this link in order to gain access.

We underline that the rules also apply to this chat room, and we ask people to be respectful towards each other and understand that while this is the internet, and we are all on equal grounds here, people come from all walks of life and have different ideas on what is offensive and insulting. This is something that we believe goes both ways, and we urge people to understand what some might find offensive, others might just use as a lighthearted joke. We are not condoning insults or offensive behavior, but a community chat room will never be absolutely politically correct.